Our Art&Wine founder, Jean Dahrieh, tells us which medium he prefers to use in his paintings and why… Stay tuned for upcoming postcads as well as tips and tricks for creating your own works of art!


“I use watercolour for making fast sketches, particularly when outdoors or for an initial small composition of a larger painting to test out colours and ideas. Watercolour is a great medium, but it also has its limitations: you need to work from lighter to darker colours due to colour bleeding and if you make a mistake, it’s very hard to fix.”


“Acrylic is probably the most widely-used paint and is the easiest out of the three to work with. It’s perfect for Art&Wine classes as it you can create vibrant colours, it doesn’t run as much and is much easier to fix if you make any kind of mistake. As a latex-based paint, it washes off easily with water. and dries fast which is why I always use it when performing in any live painting event as I can build up colours quickly. It can also be used as a base for oil paintings. It’s very versatile and user-friendly and I would recommend it for anyone taking their first steps in painting.”


“Oil is the most complicated paint to work with, but it produces stunning effects and results. Technique and experience is essential in working with oils for painting and you have to learn to be patient as well! The paint can take between 1 to 2 days to dry and you need to make sure you wait a sufficient amount of time between bases and layers to avoid and bleeding of colours. It’s the medium I work with for all of my major works of art as it allows me to create amazing textures for a beautiful finish.

Jean teaches all of our Art&Wine classes using acrylic paints. Not only is this paint ultra user-friendly, it allows for the use of a wide variety of painting techniques and experimentation with colour. Plus, it dries very quickly, meaning that you can take your painting away with you without having to worry about how it will survive the journey home.

If you’d like to try painting with acrylics, check our our different classes on our reservations page!

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